the meta list
a list of lists if you will

A cursory glance at the contents of this page and most people, even those with only a tangential acquaintance with British culture, will likely cry foul. I know, I know, a certain, well-known BBC Radio 4 quiz show uses lists much the ones contained herein as the basis of one of its rounds. But I tell you this - I have friends who have been practicing this black art since at least 1989. So I think history will judge that we were, by all objective criteria, first to the tape, and not that gang of professional usurpers.

Anyway, the point of this parlour game is to construct a list of items germane to a certain request. The nature of the lists is rather arbitrary, but I find that takes the sociopathic sheen off what could otherwise be construed as a wretched waste of time.

Farmers' Records  Plumbers' Books  Plumbers' Records  Housewives' Films

Records and/or Bands that a farmer might listen to

Books for Plumbers

Records and/or Bands that a plumber might listen to

Films for Housewives