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the gift of laughter

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my good friend Joe Elwood for this section. Without his singular take on what constitutes a functioning joke, the rich seam of comedy I'm about to pragiarise would simply not exist. And especial thanks also to his long time collaborator, Alex Boyle. I think it fair to say that Alex took Joe's work into areas none of us could have foreseen. I like to think of Alex as the Noël Coward of shite jokes to Joe's John Osbourne. Together, Alex's deft touch and the visceral quality of Joe's subject matter were exhilarating, if unlikely, bedfellows.

The Czech Public Toilet Attendant
What did the Czech toilet attendant say to his customers to advertise the fact that he had scrapped the 10 haléru extrance fee

Miami Sound Machine Manager
What did the manager of The Miami Sound Machine say to the group's Cuban born, female lead-vocalist just prior to her taking the stage to perform a concert to a favourably partisan crowd

The Warsaw Pact Hoover
What do you say to a denizen of Prague when you want to borrow his carpet cleaning device